Jul 6, 2019

Ways to Make $1000 Fast

Ways to Make $1000lPassive Income or Residual Income Methods Cash Flow Here we are helping you with different ways to find cash to fund an emergency or to pay off debt fast, Just Read below for our best tips on how to make $1,000 quickly.

1. Work as a Brand Ambassador


Have you ever seen those people handing out free samples of chips or drinks at local stores, festivals or concerts? Those people are working as brand ambassadors.

They’re hired to work a few hours a day like per shift to promote a local or national brand. Sometimes they are handing out food samples, or sometimes they are trying to get people to fill out surveys.

You have ever listen first-come, first serve and you’ll often have little training before hands on work. However, if you’re friendly and outgoing person, you’ve already got a head start.

Look for local brand ambassador groups on Facebook or Craigslist etc. Mostly they are paying you between $10 to $35 an hour depending on their work.

Shifts can last a couple of hours or all day. If you work five days a week averages eight hours a day for $25 per an hour, you can make $1,000 easily.

2. Cash In Your Vacation

Cash In Your Vacation

While most people love to take their paid vacation time, others would rather have the cash. Fortunately, some employers allow you to cash in your vacation time and work instead. If you decide to cash in your vacation time, you can easily get an extra $1,000 on your next paycheck.

If you earn $25 an hour and have seven days of paid vacation, you could cash it in for $1,400. You’ll still have to pay Medicare and Social Security taxes on those wages, so make sure to factor that in.

And you’ll have to be ok knowing that you won’t have any days off in case something happens.

This is definitely a risky move to take, so be aware of the pros and cons. Buying out your vacation hours means you might be without paid time off for the remainder of the year.

However, if you’re about to leave your job, then this can be a great way to transition to a new company with some extra change in your pocket.

3. Take a Job as Bartender or a Server


Many restaurants are hiring servers on a regular basis with per hour or per day wage. With these types of jobs, you can often start it right away. While the per hour wage is low, the actual money for servers and the bartenders lies in the tips.

Listen and pay attention to what your clients are saying. If the cook makes an error, take responsibility for it. Fix errors promptly and apologize sincerely. Talk to your customers as if they were old friends and make them happy.

If you work 6 nights and take home $200 in tips each night, you’ve got your $1,200.

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