Make Money Online

With these ideas you can make a great monthly residual income to support yourself financially. These 8 Ideas to increase your passive income cash flow are amazing on the internet. Which does not require you to learn any special technical skills. By offering any one out of these ideas, you can start a great passive income daily, weekly and monthly.

1- Start a blog

Just like you are in search of making a residual income online. And you are reading my post on Lyfpassiveincome blog. Same like this you can operate your own blog just simple by getting a domain name and hosting. Writing a blog regularly, you can earn money through monetization. Here are some monetization partners who can help you to earn a Passive Income  such as Google Adsense, Infolinks and adhitz etc.

2- By Writing and Publishing an EBook.

By going through the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Plate form you can make money online at home just publish ebooks. With this method you can make a great residual income on each online sale of ebook. If you are not familiar with this you can learn how to write an ebook. Google it or get some courses online. Many people who have good skills in writing they pick a topic, writes about it and publish to make regular residual income online.

3- By Creating an Online Course

If you have any skills, Create an online video course, Sell it on Udemy. If you can present on camera or have good presentation skills. Your course can be sell well on their plate form. On Udemy there are thousands of courses covering almost relating to every single niche.

4- Sell Digital Products on ETSY.

ETSY is also a great source for those people who are willing to sell handcrafted goods. Even more to say that  many people don’t know that they can sell digital products on ETSY.

5- Start a YouTube Channel.

Same like video courses or audiobooks, you can make good passive income through Google Adsense by starting your own YouTube Channel. Just learn about How you can Make Money Online through YouTube. You can create any interesting videos which grab the user’s attention. Although you can make enough residual income Online by starting a YouTube Channel.

6- Sell Professional Photos Online.

If you are professional in photography, your pictures can be sold on iStockphot and Shutter Stock. Therefore grab theses websites and follow their privacy rules. Many people are getting well paid and earning residual income through distributing their pictures on these websites. It’s second source of income  online for these peoples. Just take a step to start it now and make it your passive income for life. 

7- Produce an AudioBook.

Same as Publishing Kindle Ebook and earning online money online. You can use Audible’s ACX Platform to produce your audiobooks to some platforms such as iTues and Audible. If your voice is gentle it matters a lot, it could be  excellent financial source for generating Passive income online.

8- Become an Affiliate Marketer.

Let me explain to you first, What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is the process of earning commission by promoting other people’s products. Different platform gives you an opportunity to participate in the partnership program to sell their products on your website. First of all getting there affiliate links and promote them. From $5 to $100k you can earn a month through affiliate marketing. There are many products and services you can select in different niches and offer it to get sales. On each sale of affiliate products you will get a certain percentage of commissions. 

By Aasim