Are you looking for a web host for your personal or business website?

If yes, you would have realised by now that it is difficult to choose an ideal website hosting provider, since there are so many.

Almost every web host claims to provide the highest uptime guarantee, best availability of server resources and excellent customer support. Also, many hosting service providers offer freebies to attract customers.

The only way to choose the best web host for your hosting requirements is to opt for the free trials offered by hosting companies during the money-back period. Alternatively, you can read some comparisons between two of your preferred site hosts to make a decision.

So, we provide you with a detailed comparison of two highly renowned web hosts, Bluehost and HostGator.

We compare the features, pricing and years of experience offered by Bluehost against those offered by HostGator. The ultimate objective is to present a comparative analysis of Bluehost vs. HostGator to assist you in purchasing the ideal hosting plan for your website or blog.


When you compare two web hosts, the most important comparison should always concern their features, such as customer support, uptime guarantee, security and reliability.

So, let’s compare Bluehost and HostGator for such hosting features.


Bluehost does not make any claim regarding their uptime, while HostGator claims to provide you with a high uptime percentage of about 99.99%. So, if you prefer to have a guarantee, then HostGator may be the right one for you.

However, we have hosted our websites on both and realised that they indeed provide an uptime that is extremely close to 99.99% and so it is no wonder that these two hosts are extremely popular among webmasters who have personal blogs, sites or even small business websites.

The minimum response time offered by both is pretty similar and varies as per your site traffic, but HostGator has a slight edge over Bluehost. The maximum response time of your site is considerably higher when it is hosted on Bluehost than if it is hosted on HostGator.


The data centres of both web hosts are pretty robust and their servers are powerful. Bluehost runs on AMD power centres and HostGator runs on Dual Xeon.

It is hard to choose between the two, as they both empower your sites to deliver strong and reliable performance. Bluehost is also innovative and uses CPU segregation technology to maintain an intelligent control over the CPU and to protect your hosted site from spammers.


Another key criteria which could turn your decision in favour of a particular web host is the quality of customer service and technical support offered.

However, Bluehost and HostGator provide the same quality customer support and it is hard to choose which one is better. Both offer technical support 24×7 and 365 days a year for all their hosting plans. You can raise hosting related issues by making a phone call, raising a ticket, using the live chat option, and so on.

The wait time for a reply and resolution from the support teams of both hosting providers is also quite short. Also, they provide you with access to a comprehensive knowledge base that helps you get quick solutions for popular issues encountered by other customers.


The two hosting providers provide you with the user-friendly and industry standard cPanel. So, if you have hosted a website before with cPanel, you are likely to love the easy interface.

You are also entitled to one-click installation of famous content management programs, such as Softaculous and Fantastico. What’s more, you can even install WordPress, Drupal, Magento and so on with a single click. The security offered for cPanel enables you to keep your files and data safe from hackers and virus attacks.

HostGator offers slightly more than Bluehost, with customisation options for cPanel. So, customer satisfaction is their top priority. It also offers plenty of video tutorials to make it really easy for you to manage your control panel and hosted website.

Even in terms of an easy-to-use website builder, scripts and applications, both web hosts provide similar features and functionalities, making it difficult to choose one.


Bluehost offers a money back guarantee of 30 days, while HostGator offers a longer period of 45 days. Clearly, HostGator is the winner here. However, you may not care as much about this if your hosted website works really well for 30 days. HostGator does not offer a contract for the money back guarantee.


Hosting Plan Features

You get a chance to claim your free domain with Bluehost hosting plans, while there is no such provision with HostGator plans. Also, Bluehost provides an automatic backup feature for free, while HostGator will charge you additional fees for the automatic backup facility.

We study the detailed features for the different plans later.

Pricing and Subscription Type

The lowest price for any Bluehost hosting plan is $3.49 per month (for the Starter shared hosting plan on a three-year subscription).
You can actually get it cheaper with this link – $2.95 per month.

At the same time, the cheapest price for a HostGator hosting plan is normally $5.56 per month (for the Hatchling shared hosting plan on a three-year subscription). But you can get it for $3.95 per month with this link.  Bluehost is a cheaper option. This is especially of concern for someone who is building a site or blog for the first time and does not expect as much traffic initially.

HostGator allows you to subscribe to their shared hosting plans on a monthly basis as well as on a half-year basis in addition to the one-year, two-year and three-year subscription plans. With Bluehost, you do not have the flexibility to subscribe to any of their shared hosting plans for a short term.


Bluehost has an edge over HostGator in terms of automatic backups, pricing and intelligent CPU control. HostGator scores key points in terms of its money back guarantee period, monthly subscription plans for shared hosting, customised cPanel alternative and server response time.

In most other aspects, these popular hosting companies offer great performance, reliability and security. They are ideal for you, if you own a personal website, blog or small business website. Depending on your budget and consideration of the various features, you can select the appropriate one.

BlueHost Hosting

HostGator Hosting