Top 12 Ways to Make Money Online

Everyone is interested in making money online, even if they are not interested to have it as a full time job. So you must be clear about what kinds of resources are available on the internet for common people to make quick money. I have done a lot of research on this and found the following ten ways that are very useful and common nowadays.

Social Media Manager Jobs

Nowadays, this method is also very common and easy to make quick money. Just enroll yourself for a platform where such kinds of jobs are available. It is the easiest thing to make money online if you love social media and spend a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube etc. You can work here with this method for per offer or per hour. It’s up to you. Per hour rate ranges are from $10 to $100 and per offer rate ranges are from $5 to $500. Sounds interesting to you Great Opportunity.

Youtube Publishing

How would you like to be paid well for doing something really simple with youtube. Did you know that regular people are getting paid up to​ $594 a day just for doing some very simple work on youtube?

Yes I know it sounds unreal. To be honest… This is a loophole that not many people know.  But stay-at-home mum Charlie would love to share with you.  It simply works even if… – You don’t have experience. – You don’t have technical know how – Don’t own a website Plus you can get started quick.  See proof over here.

Test Mobile Apps

Wow! This is also a new and unique method to make money online. Nowadays, this method is also very common and easy to make quick money. Everyone is using smart phone these days. So, many companies are trying to sell apps, but it has been noticed that people buy only those apps which have good rating and reviews. So app owners are ready to pay money to those who can rate their app up and give a good review about it. You can easily get from $20 to $200 per review. Sounds interesting to you Great opportunity.

 Survey Jobs 

Nowadays, this method is also very common and easy to make quick money. This is the best and the most common way of making money online. It’s is very simple method. You just need a list of websites like surveysavvy and others who conduct such kind of surveys. Just signup these websites and wait for survey offers. One survey completion will pay you from $2 to $25. Sounds interesting to you Great Opportunity.

 Online Jobs

The most common and traditional way of making money online is data entry jobs and this method will stay forever. Freelancing data entry jobs are the biggest phenomena of entire internet marketing. This option is never ending and always available. Many online entrepreneurs just started their online career from this method. Sounds interesting to you Great Opportunity.

 Videos Games Pays 

Start making money with playing new games, did you know everyday Gaming companies pay big bucks to people like you and me just to know what we are thinking? It’s true! They are desperate to understand how you think and shop and why you buy certain Games or Products because this helps their companies improve their products, and they in turn they pay YOU good money for your opinion. They Need You! Right now, I have hundreds of market research firms and game companies looking for video game testersSounds interesting to you Great Opportunity.

Writing Jobs

This is the oldest and traditional method of making money online. Honestly, if you cannot write, you cannot earn. The concept of freelancing, blogging and social media posting diminishes if you can’t or don’t write. Sounds interesting to you Great Opportunity.

 Sell Your Voice

This is something new and bit unique in making money online. In this method, you will create a profile at voice over freelancing platforms and give a bid to those who need your voice over to their script. They will check your voice and offer you some money to use your voice for their script. Normal Script of 500 words will give you from $50 to $500. It depends upon your voice quality & circumstances. Sounds interesting to you Great Opportunity.

 Sell Other’s Products

It’s very simple to sell other’s product if you have an audience and this phenomenon is called affiliate marketing. It’s also very easy to build audience if you are ready to work on it on daily basis. In this method, you need to promote products which are very easily available on entire internet. Business owners beg to affiliate marketers to sell their products and they are ready to pay 25% to & 75% commission. In this way, you can get from $10 to $1000 just for selling one product. Sounds interesting to you Great Opportunity.

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 Sell Your Pictures

It’s new and unique method. Many websites need graphics and pictures of people and places to make their webpages more attractive. There is a copyright issue for pictures globally; therefore, these websites need unique pictures. These websites can pay $100 to $500 for one picture bundle having 100 to 200 pics.  Sounds interesting to you Great Opportunity.

 John Crestani Marketing Program

Internet marketing expert teaching his tips and tricks on internet marketing. It is the perfect way to make money online if you are struggling to make money online. In this method you will get a platform where high paying earning opportunities are available. Here is this Great Opportunity.

 Amazon Kindle Publishing

Being an author was very charming in past but it is not a big deal nowadays. You can publish your ebook on amazon without writing a single line. It is very reputed and respected method to make money online. Just take a problem and write an ebook to solve it. Then, publish it on amazon. Amazon is one of the biggest platforms on the internet, so you won’t need a lot of hard work to market this ebook. It will depend upon how much price you set for your ebook. Its range is from $5 to $50.  Sounds interesting to you Great Opportunity.

24-Hrs to Write a book.

Step by step method, How you can write your own Best Selling, Cash inducing book in less then 24-Hrs and the best part is that you don’t even have to be a good Writer. Sounds interesting to you Great Opportunity.

Thanks for reading this article. Please let me know how I can improve these top twelve ways to make money online. My article is nothing without your feedback. So break silence and write something.

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